Production, Maintenance & Assembly 

At Smulders, the Production, Maintenance & Assembly teams play crucial roles. Production puts in the study and preparation required for technically challenging constructions such as bridges and offshore projects. Maintenance keeps all our machinery in top working order with its mechanical and electrical knowhow. And Assembly ensures everything is installed perfectly, wherever it is in the world – just like magic. 
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Engineering & Technical 

Smulders is evolving from a steel construction company into a sustainable, multidisciplinary system integrator that focuses on EPC contracts and accelerates the energy transition. With our own Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Department and our Competence Centre, we can design and build offshore projects entirely in-house. Eager for a job with plenty of challenges and responsibility? 
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Project Management 

Our Project Management team keeps our impressive projects on the right track. All our employees work together closely, whether they are building steel constructions or doing electrical work. Travelling to other sites or recruiting abroad? These multitaskers take it all in their stride. They love working alongside the various foreign teams in the Smulders family – and they do so seamlessly. 
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Quality, Health, Safety and Environment covers a lot of different things at Smulders. Engineers and inspectors are among those ensuring that we can continue to guarantee top quality. And you can’t have quality without optimal safety, so we keep a close eye on that too. We are continuing to reduce our CO₂ emissions and managing our water use more sustainably. These are just a few examples of the efforts we are making in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. 
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“Freedom is one of the most important factors that make you feel at home in your workplace. Smulders have got that down to a T. The job security and the opportunities you get are big advantages too. You can always opt for a different career track. Walk this way, new talent, because together we can achieve even more!”  

Davy Torfs - Assembler in Arendonk

Sales & Marketing 

The Sales Department is the heartbeat of our commercial activities. Our Sales employees draw up quotes, working closely with various teams to provide every last detail, and tackle negotiations with international customers and partners. These processes are intensive, time-consuming and, above all, a real challenge. Business Development and Marketing are the engine that powers our customer relations and growing reputation. Interested in joining us? 
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Logistics & Purchasing 

Supply chain managers, project purchasers, logistics & expedition coordinators, you name it – there is a place for all of them to hone their skills at Smulders. These skills include keeping tight control of the goods flow, from purchasing to distribution. The Logistics & Purchasing team also ensures the logistics chain is flexible and cost-effective. Furthermore, when it comes to project and technical purchasing, they are experts in electrical components as well as steel. 
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“After all these years, Smulders has become my second home, even though I often go and see my family abroad. The flexibility, independence and trust in my abilities have helped me, and by extension my team, to grow.” 

Marcin Witkowski - Production Manager, Vertical Final Assembly

Support Services 

Support us to support others with a job in one of our support services. Want to make sure our contracts are watertight? Or maybe you can work financial magic? Is there another challenge you would prefer? Every site has an in-house IT crew who build Smulders-specific software, among other things. And the HR team are masters of people management, from attracting the best talents to payroll administration and much more. 
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The complex and diverse challenges we tackle need to be properly documented, which requires admirable administrative skills and supporting power. That is why we are eager to bring accurate, multi-talented and helpful people, who excel at providing support to individuals, groups and whole departments, into the Smulders family. 
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