Many hands make masterwork 

Our corporate family believes in much more than just 'getting things done'. We conjure sustainable futures out of the most complex challenges imaginable. 


We are a collective of determined go-getters, passionately dedicated to constructing grand visions. What our team can achieve when we all work together is little short of magic. And that is something to be proud of. 

Think big,

act green  

Driving progress with speed, excellence, and sustainability is not something we aspire to, it is something we act on. Experimentation, innovation and development are the keys to what we do. 

A team as strong as steel  

Even though our heads are often in the
clouds while constructing, we always stay
down-to-earth. The atmosphere at
Smulders is respectful and informal. In
fact, it is our foundation. 


Your Magic  

Whether you’re a newcomer or an expert, your potential is infinite. Become a master of your own magic and make the impossible happen. 


a sustainable future 

‘Smulders’ is a byword for ‘impressive’. As an international construction company, we have built up decades of experience in sustainable creations. Our focus is on civil and industrial steel projects and offshore wind energy. In fact, we are the market leader in building foundations and substations for offshore wind projects. From engineering to production and system integration, we do it all. Want to join our 1,700 employees and experience our #FamilySpirit? 

Go for a job where you can sharpen your skills

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